Travel Information about Germany and Berlin

(GMT)27 MAY 2016 BDAY:  Explore the Historical Museum Island, Berlin
Berlin Tour Planning can be confusing for most first time guests, as a Berlin Native, I would like to offer best way to spend a day in berlin. I hope this helps you. Thanks.
If you really want to explore breathtaking diversity, splendor and glory of Berlin, than you must explore Museum Island.
There are 5 museums built between 1823-1934. You can easily spend 2 hours to a full day here. I will advise first timers to hire a Guide or Art historian. Most of them remain closed on Mondays, while on normal days they are open 10:00 to 6:00 P.M.
Museum Island has been declared as world heritage site by UNESCO and there is lot to learn about Germany for curious Explorers.
Have a Safe & Pleasant journey!