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Travel Information about Laos and Vientiane

(GMT)13 JUL 2019 KOBERN:  Top travel tips for Vientiane:
1) Visit between November and March. This is the dry season in Vientiane and temperature is a very comfortable 30 degrees Celsius during the day, and mid-20s in the evening
2) Walk around! Vientiane is a relatively small city and it's very easy to get around everywhere on foot. Taxis are expensive and hard to find, and avoid renting bikes because the road condition isn't very good for that
3) Budget $60USD per day in expenses including accommodation. This is the average daily spend in Vientiane. Of course you can get by with much lower than this amount, but will be a little tough
4) Watch your stuff. Vientiane is generally speaking a very safe place to travel, but being the biggest city in Laos there are all kinds of people here, including petty thieves. When you're at busy places, especially at the Khua Din Bus Station, be very vigilant of your backpacks and pockets
5) Don't miss the Buddha Park. It's a pretty big park that's located 25km outside of Vientiane. There, you will find hundreds of Buddha statues in all kind of poses. It's a great place to admire the Buddhist art and take some Instagrammable photos

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