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(GMT)30 APR 2018 PJKEYS:  Never heard of a Starlight Reserve before. But according to the travel blog below there are 10 Starlight Reseves in the world and 8 of them are in Spain and one of them(The Serranía del Alto Turia) is in only an hour and a half away from Valencia.
'A Starlight Reserve is an unpolluted area where natural night sky light conditions are kept intact, and the area’s local communities have committed to protect the quality of the night sky and to maintain access to starlight through the preservation of a dark zone. This dark zone is protected to avoid the adverse effects of air and light pollution. There are 10 Starlight Reserves in the world, 8 of which are in Spain.
The Serranía del Alto Turia is one of these Starlight Reserves, an area given this prestigious title because of the quality of the night sky and the commitment that the local community has for protecting it'
If you visit Valencia why don't you try this Milky Way opportunity. Follow the link below to find more information.
How to get to the Serranía del Turia Starlight Reserve
There are 3 buses a day from Valencia Bus Station to the villages of Titaguas and Aras de los Olmos. Visit the blof below to find the timetable.
The easiest and most convenient way to reach the Serranía is by hire car. The road there is pretty spectacular so you will have the freedom to stop for photos and explore the area at your own leisure.

Stargazing in Valencia – A Starlight Reserve within easy reach - Brogan Abroad

Did you know that near Valencia there is a Starlight Reserve where you can see the Milky Way with the naked eye? Read to discover this well guarded secret.