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Travel Information about Thailand and All other cities

(GMT)02 MAR 2018 L7CH:  Best Time to Visit Thailand
-November to February โ€“ cool season and the best time
-March to April โ€“ hot season
-May to October โ€“ wet season
Quick Facts
-Most people choose to visit Thailand between November and February.
-April is usually the hottest month, and the coldest is December.
-The wettest month is September with an average of 220mm of rainfall.
-Humidity levels are usually quite high and average 75% but can even reach the 90% mark during the monsoon season (July to October).
-The large influx of tourists between November and February results in inflated prices when it comes to accommodation, travel, and entertainment.
-Traveling during the off-season is a lot more affordable and quiet.
Northern Thailand experiences dry weather between November and May, with it being especially hot between March and May (November to February is much cooler). Between May and November, however, this part of the country experiences heavy rainfall brought on by the southwest monsoon.
Southern Thailand receives more rainfall than the north and essentially has three seasons โ€” dry, hot, and wet. These seasons, though, don't run at the same time on both sides of the peninsula. The west coast experiences heavy rainfall and often heavy storms from May through October as a result of the southwest monsoon, while the east coast receives most of its rainfall during September.

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