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(GMT)24 FEB 2018 BLESB:  30 minutes free bike rental in Hamburg! provided by the city.
This is a map of StadtRAD Hamburg(follow the link below there is an interactive map) StadtRAD Hamburg is the city's public bike rental, sharing system. It is an easy, low-cost way to explore the city on two wheels. Once you've registered, You can use a bicycle free for 30 minutes, with a modest charge per minute after that. 30 minutes free biking must be the best transportation option for budget backpackers!
For the first 30 minutes, you can use every StadtRAD Hamburg free of charge; after that, you pay the low price of 6 ct/min.
The 5 € fee charged at registration is held in your credit to the full amount **
StadtRAD Hamburg - on your bike and off you go!
The StadtRAD (city bike) gives you spontaneous, individual mobility. Experience all Hamburg has to offer, whether work, leisure or tourist attractions, in a very special way, right in tune with the pulse of the city. Many hire stations throughout the entire city offer facilities round the clock for hiring and returning a StadtRAD - as simply as cycling itself.