Travel Information about Singapore and Singapore

(GMT)15 FEB 2018 PL3T:  For travellers taking long haul flights across the globe, incorporating a stopover into your flight plan is usually unavoidable. Here is how to make the most of a Singapore stopover – both inside and outside of the airport!
1. Jump on a free sightseeing tour
2. Check out the entertainment zone
3. Explore nature indoors
4. Share your memories on a Social Tree
5. Taste traditional local cuisine
6. Visit wildlife park
If you have a long layover, a visit to Singapore Zoo in the day or Night Safari at night is well worth the 25-minute taxi ride
7. See architectural wonders
Changi Airport is like a small city with everything that you want its clean and efficient and would put a lot of western airports to shame. Facilities are clean user-friendly with decent signage everywhere an easy to find sleeping lounge located near a cheap 24-hour food and beverage outlet. Add to this 24-hour movie cinema plenty of viewing areas for aviation nuts and for just S$8 you can use the hotel shower facilities with amenities included! The airport provide free Wifi and entertainment for all ages. Food is reasonable with choice and price.