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(GMT)31 JAN 2018 LCDSO:  Marseille - French president, Macron’s hip holiday for 2017
In 2015, the New York Times dubbed Marseille a favorite destination, and the rest of the world seemed to agree, as tourism is booming — from 2 million visitors annually in 2013, when it was named European Capital of Culture, to 5 million in 2016. Spurred on by the influx of urbane visitors, many of them from Paris, Marseille’s hotel and restaurant scene is flourishing, with the benefit that most of what’s on offer is high-quality and affordable. The city retains its unique wit, cheerful accent and urban grittiness, but it’s fast becoming aware of its own cool.
Getting to Marseille from Paris is so easy, it feels like cheating. Since 2001, a high-speed TGV line has linked the Gare du Nord in Paris directly with Marseille’s Gare Saint Charles in three hours, hardly enough time to get antsy. The view from the station’s terrace is a spectacular opener, taking in the old town and port area. It’s also possible to fly direct to Marseille from London, and with a quick stopover from Berlin. Boutique hotels nestled in the winding streets tend to be up to international standards, and English-speaking.
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