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(GMT)26 JAN 2018 ROXMU1821:  Located in beautiful downtown Clinton, Iowa, The Children's Discovery Center was founded by the family members of Felix Adler, a Clinton, Iowa native. Felix Adler was known as the King of Clowns performing for over 50 years in the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus and performing as the Whitehouse Clown for three U.S. Presidents. He is honored in the Clown Hall of Fame. Felix always wanted to make people smile.
The museum is comprised of interactive exhibits that are kid-sized. Kids would love to role play at Felix Adler Children's Discovery Center. There is an Ambulance, Grocery Store, Hospital, and Dress Up Station. Kids can enclose themselves in a bubble at Body Bubble Exhibit. They can explore impact of air on golf balls. There is even an indoor miniature golf course at the museum! - travel with travelinter!

The Felix Adler Children