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(GMT)11 JAN 2018 GUGY431:  Travellers shouldn't neglect or just pass by these secret libraries in New York.
New York's Carnegie Libraries, which were founded by Scottish-American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in the 1800s and 1900s, have secret apartments - including the Fort Washington branch (left on opening in 1914, right today)
There used to be parties in the apartments on the top floors of New York City’s branch libraries. On other nights, when the libraries were closed, the kids who lived there might sit reading alone among the books or roll around on the wooden library carts
When these libraries were built, about a century ago, they needed people to take care of them. Andrew Carnegie had given New York $5.2 million, worth well over $100 million today, to create a city-wide system of library branches, and these buildings, the Carnegie libraries, were heated by coal. Each had a custodian, who was tasked with keeping those fires burning and who lived in the library, often with his family. “The family mantra was: Don’t let that furnace go out,” one woman who grew up in a library told the New York Times.

Discover a secret, forgotten apartment hidden above a New York public library | Daily Mail Online

Hidden above 13 libraries in New York are secret, abandoned apartments. Once home to the libraries' live-in custodians, they are now decaying and forgotten. Here is one such empty home.