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(GMT)11 JAN 2018 PLTS-A:  St Nicholas Church in Moreton and a local graveyard where T E Lawrence, known as Lawrence of Arabia is buried.
The Grave is about 300 yards from the Church. The church itself may be a sort of 'off the beaten track but worth visiting. The church has Whistlers etched windows, with no colour, but stunningly done and let a lot of light into the church, one window can only be viewed from the outside, written information on the windows inside the church, lovely tiled flooring and original wooden seating, nearly completely rebuilt from being bombed in 1940, a church well worth visiting if just for the history.
Thomas Edward Lawrence, also known as Lawrence of Arabia used to live near Bovington in Dorset. From a young age he explored the world and later decided to retire to a small Dorset cottage.
Some famous people who visited Lawrence at Clouds Hill include:
Thomas Hardy (Author) & Florence Hardy
George Bernard Shaw (Author/Playwright) & Charlotte Shaw
E.M. Forster (Author)
Robert Graves (Author/Poet)
Siegfried Sassoon (Author/Poet)
Edward Garnet (Author)
Basil Liddell Hart (Author)
Gilbert Spencer (Artist)
Eric Kennington (Artist/Sculptor)
Augustus John ( Artist)
William Roberts (Artist) and Family
Arnold Lawrence (Brother, Author, Editor & Archaeologist - Taught Archaeology at Cambridge University) and wife Barbara

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