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(GMT)28 DEC 2017 PL3T:  The former “slum” Kampung Wonosari in in Semarang, Indonesia has changed its name from Kampung Wonosari to Kampung Pelangi, which literally translates to ‘Rainbow Village! and has become an unlikely tourist attraction. The project was created and funded by the Indonesian government, with the intention of driving tourism in what what previously an unremarkable town. Over 200 houses have been painted in stripes, spots and rainbow hues and have truly become a huge “artworks”, brightly colored like the rainbow.

Modelnya Mirip Kampung Warna-warni di Kota Malang, Kampung Ini Sedang Jadi Sorotan Dunia - Surya Malang

Kampung Wonosari disebut dengan Kampung Pelangi lantaran karena bangunan di sana dicat dan dilukis dengan banyak warna seperti pelangi.