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(GMT)23 DEC 2017 FTP3B:  Directions on how to get to Dyker Heights:
The nearest subway in the area is the D or M line. Get off at 18th Avenue. The best part of the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights is between 11th and 13th Avenue; and from 83rd to 86th Street. Actually, Dyker Heights is not conducive to subway travel. There is no close station.
Every year people make it to Dyker Heights to see an awesome local spectacle, the world famous lights.
Every house has their own theme- from winter wonderlands, to religious, to wonderfully tacky. Some people even have little bake sales or collect money for charity. The traffic is unbearable and watch out for people dodging into the streets

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights in Brooklyn

Go and visit the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights in Brooklyn and you’ll be amazed! It's magical. Forget about Rockefeller Center as Christmas in New York.