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(GMT)23 DEC 2017 LOY64S:  Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge University, England
The Bridge of Sighs came into being because the building of New Court made necessary a second crossing of the river between it and Third Court, and New Court's architect seized the opportunity for some more charming and allusive romanticism. It must be noted, however, that the only real similarity between the Bridge of Sighs and its Venetian namesake is that both of them are covered bridges. Today it is part of the main thoroughfare through the College and used daily by those who live and work here
-Cambridge University
The Cambridge Bridge of Sighs is a neo-gothic structure that was built in the 19th century (1831 to be precise) and named after the covered bridge in Venice. The name came from prisoners who would sigh as they were escorted to their cells. As opposed to the Oxford Bridge of Sighs, the Cambridge structure does not have glass in its windows and it is built over water – the Oxford bridge links two buildings over a road.