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(GMT)18 NOV 2017 PR_XTH:  10 Facts about Cork City - Ireland
Cork is a city located in the province of Munster in South-West Region of Ireland. The people who live here are around 119,230 people. Therefore, it is considered as the third most populous city in Ireland. There are around 300,000 people who live in greater Metropolitan Cork area.
-The European Capital of Culture title was given to the Cork City in 2005
-There are two channels passing Cork city. The channels divide the city center. The location of the channels is at the western edge of Cork City. The channels actually are the splits of River Lee which houses Cork City.
-Cork was called the rebel city because the people in the region supported the Yorkist during the War of the Roses in England
-The native people who live in Cork often call the city as the real capital. It gains the name the real capital because it serves as the center of anti treaty forces in the Irish Civil War period.
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