Travel Information about Morocco and All other cities

(GMT)10 NOV 2017 GI-DEO:  Few visit Morocco's handful of 2,000-year-old sites, but they are well worth the side trip,
Here is a list of three cities
- Volubilis
- Lixus
- Sala Colonia
The best sites — Volubilis and Lixus — are easy two-hour drives from the capital Rabat, and a third site, Sala Colonia, is in Rabat.
The jewel in the crown of Morocco's Roman ruins is certainly Volubilis, located at the foot of the Atlas mountains in a sweeping valley filled with olive and almond trees.
Farther north along the coast is Lixus, one of Morocco's most intriguing Roman sites for its almost total obscurity and lack of visitors. Is also the legendary site of the Garden of Hesperides, from which Hercules had to steal the golden apples for one of his trials.
VOLUBILIS: Volubilis is just 30 kilometres north of the major tourist destination of Meknes and is included on some tourist itineraries. Otherwise it is a short two-hour drive, mostly on a well-marked freeway, from the capital Rabat, where it is easy to rent a car.
SALA COLONIA: The Chellah that encloses the Roman remains is right outside downtown Rabat and is worth a swing through Morocco's quaint capital just to see.
LIXUS: The ruins of Lixus are two hours north of Rabat by car on a nice freeway and next to the lovely beaches of Larache, where there are also excellent restaurants specializing in seafood and Spanish cuisine.