Travel Information about Indonesia and Bali

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Page link - interesting stories and useful information about Mount Agung amidst eruption threats.
Amed, a coastal town in the east of Bali, is popular to tourists for its dive spots, black sand beaches, snorkeling areas, and as a jumping point to the Gili islands and Lombok.
Besakih town in exclusion zone where people move to evacuation centers in nearby villages
and time lapse movie shot at Mt Bromo
Video - Driving around at Mt Agung in East Bali during the threat of Mt Agung erupting. Part of it is through the exclusion zone where most people have left the area. The clip ends at Besakih temple, the mother of temples

Footage of Mount Agung and Surrounding Towns Amidst Eruption Threats

Look: Latest images, drone, and timelapse videos of Mount Agung in Bali, Indonesia that is feared to erupt anytime soon. We are currently in Bali...