Travel Information about USA and Texas

(GMT)29 OCT 2017 2MASOS:  Visiting Marfa to see the skeletal remains of the 1956 Texas epic Giant is now a kind of legend of its own amongst "set-jetters." The former Ryan Ranch (it's recently been sold) is 17 miles west of Marfa, facing I-90 on the southern side. It's private property, so you aren't really allowed to walk into it for up close encounters, but if you look towards the left hand side of the road toward Valentine, you can still see what's left of Liz Taylor and Rock Hudson's "Reata," the fake mansion that was put up here when the entire town went Hollywood. The legend continues in Marfa, which has now become a mini-Texas Hollywood on its own. There's a local film festival, and movies like No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood have also been shot here. Stand on the road, close your eyes, and you can almost hear the roar of James Dean's Porsche Spyder
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