Travel Information about Japan and Tokyo

(GMT)17 OCT 2017 PATE-R:  Odaiba stands on two of six islands which the Togukawa shogunate built and fortified to protect Tokyo Harbor from Western intrusion, which arrived in the person of Commodore Matthew Perry in 1853.
Aqua City, Venus Fort, and Rainbow Bridge. While they may sound like the settings for the next big battle of 21st century superheroes, they are in actuality just three of the attractions which have made Tokyo's Odaiba one of the city's most frequented destinations. When Japan experienced its enormous economic boom in the early 1980s, the third and sixth of the fortified islands were extended, and named Tokyo Teleport Town for the ultramodern business city which was to be constructed on them.
The Odiaba Kaihin Park, near the Rainbow Bridge and the possessor of one of Tokyo'S two sand beaches, is a favorite spot for romantic assignations, but swimming in Tokyo's less-than-pristine bay is not recommended.