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Travel Information about Espana and All other cities

(GMT)14 OCT 2017 CALRE5-:  You must visit the blog below; Road Trip in Spain: Northern Coast Itinerary
*Avila: Classic Castles and Cobblestone Streets
Madrid to Avila – 110km (70mi) – 1 ½ hours of straight highway
*Salamanca: Oldest University in Spain
Avila to Salamanca – 110km (70mi) – open highway just over an hour
*Leon: Best Tapas Bars
Salamanca to Leon – 200km (125mi) – open highway for 2 hours
*Picos de Europa: Amazing Hiking and Nature
Leon to Picos de Europa area – 250km (155mi) – 3 hours via a little bit of northern Spain coast. Gets windy towards Picos.
*Bilbao: Heart of the Basque Country
Picos de Europa to Bilbao – 200km (125mi) – Half windy half highway for 2 ½ hours
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Road Trip in Spain: Northern Coast Itinerary | DFTM Travel

If you're planning a road trip in Spain, then look no further! We cover the Northern Spain itinerary, plus a few extra special destinations! A must read!

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