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(GMT)07 OCT 2017 STDER7:  Pacu Jawi Cow Racing in West Sumatra
Pacu jawi — “pah-choo jow-ee” as the spectacle is called in the local dialect — is seasonal. Venues rotate between weekends, provinces, and rural villages.
Cow races are held in big, flooded rice paddies on farms. They serve as fertile social scenes, allowing for the spread of gossip, garbage, dung, and flirtation between young people from different villages. There are no signs directing the way. It’s one of those things that the locals just inexplicably know about through a disturbance in the Force. Tidal waves of mud mingled with feces splattered us. Jockeys gave high fives to each other, only white eyes showing. We alternated giggling with glee and fleeing in panic as steers thundered our direction

Pacu Jawi Cow Racing in West Sumatra - YouTube

A near miss at the cow race I attended in West Sumatra. Here's the story: Jukin Media Verified (...