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(GMT)30 SEP 2017 BLEECK:  It is only less than an hour from Paris to visit Gogh's place...
How had Vincent Van Gogh ended up in this beautiful place where, in only 70 days, he painted more than 70 masterpieces — and the place where he died and was buried.,,,,,Here is an interesting blog, follow the link for further stories.
We took a short train ride from the Gard du Nord in Paris. In less than an hour, we were at the same station where Van Gogh himself disembarked in May, 1890. It looked like we had stepped into a Van Gogh painting. Sunflowers were in full bloom, so many they almost hide the shops across the street.
Stop by Van Gogh’s House in Auvers-sur-Oise. Open to the public from April through October, the Van Gogh house is sparsely furnished (as it would have been in Van Gogh’s lifetime), and offers insight into the artist’s last days, from the time he cut off part of his ear in a supposed dispute with longtime friend Paul Gauguin until the day he committed suicide in the hotel.

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