Travel Information about France and Paris

(GMT)20 SEP 2017 USPL:  Parc Monceau in Paris
While by no means a secret, this park attracts much more of a local crowd than other gardens like the Tuileries. Although the Parc Monceau is wide open to the general public, it is certainly the “weirdest” park in Paris. Despite a small massacre here in 1871 -- that’s history for you -- it remains one of the prettiest green spaces in the whole city. Gilded gates welcome picnickers and joggers who want to run through the faux-Roman ruins and statues. Expect to hear a lot of French here, even though the park isn’t all that far from the tourist-ridden Champs Elysées.
What is so special about this park that it prompts such a longstanding high-level of vigilance, unlike other prominent gardens scattered throughout Paris? The answer can probably be identified based on the backdrop story of the park, facetiously nicknamed “the Folly of the Duke of Chartres“, in reference to the famous (or make that “infamous”, actually) Phillippe d’Orléans, Duke of Chartres and then Duke of Orleans.