Travel Information about USA and NEW York(City)

(GMT)11 SEP 2017 CHE2BR:  Hell’s Kitchen, the area that runs from West 34th to 59th Streets and from the Eighth Avenue to the Hudson River, is mainly known for their Restaurant Row (and for its Irish mafia history). This is the best place in the area to have a pre-show dinner or drink if you’re going to a Broadway Show in Times Square. Hell's Kitchen has long been the home of actors and arts organizations, also home to a big LGBT community.
Hell's kitchen area used to be the city's roughest, dirtiest, most crime-ridden part of town. But now with its diverse ethnic character and traditional community feel, Hell's Kitchen, more recently referred to as Clinton, continues to be a popular living spot for trendy New Yorkers, and a still upcoming neighborhood despite it once sordid past. Safer and more attractive than ever. Though the exact origin of the name "Hell's Kitchen" can't be pinpointed, local residents and many New Yorkers today appreciate its more sophisticated name Clinton, which came from DeWitt Clinton, a nephew of first New York State Governor George Clinton who owned the farmland back