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(GMT)03 SEP 2017 2PLS:  The history of the Konkan Railway goes as back as 1907 when railway lines reached Mangalore as the terminus of the main line from Madras via Shoranur
Today, the high-speed Konkan Railway has a daily train which hardly takes around 8-9 hours for the same journey. Other trains between Mumbai and Panaji take typically around 10-12 hours.
The Konkan Railway effectively connected the western coast of India with the rest of the country, primarily Mangalore and the rest of the Konkan or Karavalli Coastal regions of Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra with Mumbai and secondarily the entire state of Kerala with Mumbai and beyond to Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi etc a point-to-point straight line
The rail route also has trains which travel past Mumbai to other northern areas of India right upto Delhi as well as down south to Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala.