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(GMT)05 AUG 2017 PR_XTH:  New rides at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Shockwave—also referred to as a Mega Disk’O—spins 24 thrill seekers aboard a giant disc that glides back and forth across a 65-foot U-shaped track. Perched on an expanded upper deck next to Undertow and overlooking the new entrance plaza, Shockwave is expected to open in June.
Fans of the Pirate Ship will flip over Typhoon, a new thrill ride that swings two boatloads of riders upside-down via spinning arms that extend 60-feet into the air. While the visually striking ride will act as a centerpiece of the new entrance plaza, budding Boardwalk historians will remember a similar ride of the same name that was replaced by the Sea Swings in 2009. The new version of Typhoon is expected to open this July.