Travel Information about France and Paris

(GMT)26 JUL 2017 21WA55:  59 RIVOLI is a building owned by the City of Paris that houses the artist collective Chez Robert, Electron Libre. In 1999 a group of artists starting occupying the building and turn it into an art exhibit hall as well as some art studios. It would be an unique experience if you visit there as a tourist. It is open six days per week all year long (Closed only Christmas Day and New Year's Day). A cross between a gallery, a museum and a studio, you don’t just see a selection of the artist’s best works, but also their works in progress.
It is composed of 30 artist studios and an exhibition gallery/events center. Come visit the 30 artists, check out the walls of our gallery or attend one of the concerts that take place every Saturday and Sunday in the ground-floor gallery starting at 6 p.m. For more information scroll down the page and click on the section that interests you.