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(GMT)24 JUL 2017 SORALY:  Bern, Switzerland
The cool, deep-blue, clean water of the Aare river, which winds its way into the city from the Bernese Alps, offers optimum refreshment on hot summer days.
In the summer, allowing yourself to float downriver in the cool water is one of the most unforgettable highlights of a stay in the Swiss capital.
6 river safety rules:
Rubber dinghy riders must be equipped with life jackets.
The payload specified for the boat must not be exceeded.
Do not tie boats together. They can no longer be manoeuvred.
Unknown runs of the river must be scouted out first before the trip.
Only good and experienced swimmers should venture out into open water (rivers, reservoirs, and lakes).
Hypothermia can cause muscle cramps. The colder the water, the shorter the stay in the water!

Aare swimming - Bern Tourism

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