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(GMT)15 JUL 2017 BLESB:  Any travellers and backpackers who are looking for a lesser known destination in Italy, Camogli may be a good choice. Camogli, an Italian Riviera town tucked between better known seaport of Genoa and touristy Portofino, is only a short drive from the extremely popular villages of the Cinque Terre and the Portofino peninsula, but is much less visited by travellers and backpackers than those villages and much more relaxing to visit. In the late Middle Ages Camogli’s bay lay jammed full of tall ships; the city of a thousand white sails.
Camogli is a fishing town with rustic charms. Sure it does not have the polished prettiness of Portofino but as you can see the black stony beaches provide a dramatic contrast to the colourful buildings with painted facades and the area around the small beach and harbour is especially attractive. The basilica of Santa Maria Assunta perched over the rocky inlet, people watching at the Bagni di Lido and aperitivo as the sun sets - travel with travelinter!