Travel Information about Thailand and Bangkok

(GMT)15 JUL 2017 CALRE5-:  Driving tips in Thailand for travellers
Self-driving is a good choice for travellers to explore Thailand more efficient way. But driving in Thailand can be like a Game of Chance
Lane markings:
A single solid white line on single carriageways denotes the center of the road.
Single or double yellow lines means do not cross the lanes.
Short broken white lines means you can overtake
Yellow thatched means no stopping or waiting.
Lanes at junctions are marked on the ground to show which lane goes where.
Do not change lanes when coming to road tolls the police will fine you especially if you are a Farang.

Traffic lights are set at Red – Amber – Green.
Sometimes there is a counter attached to the traffic lights, which displays how many seconds to the next light change. Do not go before the clock gets to zero. If the light is on green do not take it for granted other vehicles will have stopped at their corresponding Red lights. (oh yea don’t expect other road users to pull away until they have finished their telephone conversation)