Travel Information about Italia and Venezia

(GMT)15 JUL 2017 HRO-87:  15 reasons why you should visit Venice.
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1. Getting lost is the BEST way to explore
2. Try to visit in Spring or Autumn as these are the best seasons to explore.
3. It will be weird to not see cars but you won’t realise this till you head back to the airport
4. There are 417 bridges in Venice. I dare you to try and cross them all. The Rialto bridge is one you need to both walk over and sail under
5. Factor in the cost for a Vaporetto pass as this will help with your exploring. It will save your achy feet and really you have to see Venice from the canals as much as possible.

15 Reasons to Visit Venice – thewanderingdarlings

15 reasons why you must visit Venice