Travel Information about USA and NEW York(City)

(GMT)17 JUN 2017 LOY_K:  No idea why New Yorkers speak like this but This may help your travelling NYC. Here are 21 things New Yorkers say and what they really mean. Are they all downright liars?
21. “I’m seriously considering moving to Portland.” = “I’m never leaving New York.”
2. “If you don’t drive this cab to Queens, I will report you.” = “I’m about to get out of this cab, grab another and completely forget about this.”
3. “I’m like three blocks away!” = “I’m ten blocks and an avenue away.”
4. “I’m basically at the beach all summer.” = “I take the Beach Bus to the Rockaways four times a year.”
5. “Was this place a good deal?” = “Please immediately tell me exactly how much you pay in rent.”
6. “Have you seen his place? It’s huge.” = “His apartment has two rooms.”
7. “I was waiting for the F train for, like, an hour.” = “I was waiting for the F train for 15 minutes."
8. “I never thought I’d say this, but I kind of want a dog.” = “I want a boyfriend.”
9. “We went upstate this weekend, it was so nice!” = “I was dragged to a cabin in the middle of the woods against my will, and the crushing silence filled me with an overwhelming sense of existential dread for three days.”
10. “OMG I love that bar!” = “I went to that bar once before.”
11. “They live in Murray Hill” = “They live in Kips Bay, Gramercy Park or Turtle Bay and I can’t really remember.”