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Travel Information about UK and London

(GMT)12 JUN 2017 APR:  The main City walk takes in eleven significant trees
found within a two-mile route of St Paul’s Cathedral and
also incorporates sites of historical importance such as
the London City Wall, the Barbican, Smithfields Market,
the Old Bailey, Cheapside, Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s
Cathedral. It is not only for travellers and backpackers but also for all Londoners. This walk should take you roughly one hour, however if you are pushed for time, there is a shorter
route of thirty minutes which can be followed on the map.
There are plenty of parks and gardens along the way to sit
and relax in, enjoy a picnic or have fun on the play
equipment. Toilets, play equipment and access
information are indicated on the map.
To start the trail, find your way to the south side of St Paul’s
Cathedral garden and follow the trees indicated along the
route using the locations on the reverse of the leaflet.
This trail is a celebration of the diverse tree
population and history of the Square Mile. It is also
intended to highlight the importance of urban trees
across the world and the need for people to continue
planting and caring for them. We hope you enjoy your
time on the trail and discover something new along
the way. - Travel with travelinter!

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