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(GMT)21 MAY 2017 L7CH:  LA, USA
Art exists in every part of Downtown—from morning to night—you will always encounter artistry that feeds all of the senses. From the eye catching Murals found throughout the City streets to the enticing scents and tastes of restaurants, each of our tours offers a unique experience of Downtown. Curated for a variety of audiences, from Kindergarteners and Art Enthusiasts to new and experienced Collectors, we pride ourselves in bringing enriching experiences to a larger public.
The Downtown Art Walk is a free self-guided, public art fest that takes place (normally) on the second Thursday of every month along Gallery Row, a designated 7-block stretch on both Spring and Main streets that spans approximately 7 blocks from 2nd to 9th. Travellers can join it.
Since the first Art Walk in 2004, the event has grown from around 150 people to now attracting nearly 10,000 visitors every month.

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