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(GMT)20 MAY 2017 SGRAS:  Boscombe Pier - Artificial Surf Reef, UK travel destination
Bournemouth Makes Waves with Surf Plan(in vain)
Bournemouth does not see itself competing directly with Cornwall. ... Soon the town will be hoping to make a few waves of its own as it looks forward to finally welcoming Europe's first artificial surf reef. The plan to build the reef off Boscombe beach, just over a mile east of the town's main seafront, was first mooted nearly a decade ago. Weather permitting, the structure should finally be installed by the end of October... "The weather has not been kind to us," says Jon Weaver, marketing and events manager at Bournemouth Tourism, reflecting on the recent windy conditions which have held up progress on the venture. Praying for calm: All concerned with the 2.6m pound project are hoping for a calm spell to allow the main phase of the complex engineering process - in which layers of matting half the size of a football pitch, with sandbags attached, will be laid on to the sea bed and then secured - to begin. "For laying each section of the reef, we need it perfectly flat," explains construction manager David Neilson. He heads a team of divers, boat crew and pump operators who have come over from his native New Zealand to do the work. Pile of sand on Boscombe beach waiting to be pumpe
(BBC News, Bournemouth, 19th August 2008. By Gavin Stamp, Business reporter, BBC News, Bournemouth.)