Travel Information about Espana and Barcelona

(GMT)27 APR 2017 BRE8E:  Check out some of the coolest streets in Barcelona.
The biggest tourist attraction streets in Barcelona are Las Ramblas, Passeig de Gràcia, or Portal d’Angel. But they are not included in this blog. According to the blogger it is because they’re good for sightseeing and shopping, but not much else. Follow the link to check out ten streets instead. Some of them are as follows, Big secret released......
Good for: dinner, eating on a budget
Good for: coffee and cakes, chocolate!
Good for: lunch, coffee, snacks; finding a nice ‘terrazza’

The 10 Coolest Streets in Barcelona

And NO, the Ramblas isn't one of them! These are the 10 legitimately coolest streets in Barcelona, where's you're practically guaranteed a good time.