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(GMT)23 APR 2017 COLT333:  The Chateau de Josselin, located in the Morbihan department of Brittany, still in private hands of the family of Rohan-Chabot, who occupied the first floor, been the street level floor open to the public and all tourists for 8€ for adults. There are wonderful gardens,and a nice puppet museum or Musée des Poupées on rue des Trente entrance.
Travel by Train from Nantes to Josselin in 3h.
The streets of place Notre Dame, place Saint martin, rue olivier de Clisson, rue des trente, rue beaumanoir, rue Glatinier, are marvels to dwell on for tourists stay for a few hours. It is a wonderful medieval look city all around, sometimes filled with backpackers and tourists, with beautiful wooden house or maison en bois, old medieval,renaissance, flamboyant gothic, all over.