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(GMT)13 APR 2017 NIFR:  Chianti is one of the most beautiful, and likely one of the most famous, areas in Tuscany. Gentle hills and hilltop villages are typical in this region between Florence and Siena Here is how to get there. follow the link for more option
Moving around by TRAIN
The railway line is well developed in Tuscany, but it doesn't reach Chianti's main attractions. This is a good thing! You wouldn't want all those beautiful landscapes and vineyards cut by too many rail lines and stations, would you now?
There are two central train stations in Chianti: one in Poggibonsi and the other in Castellina that connect Florence and Siena. You need to change trains at the Empoli train station if you're coming or going to Florence. Since all trains to and from Chianti stop in Empoli, service during weekdays is good and you can catch a train almost every 30 minutes. From Poggibonsi and Castellina, you can then catch a bus to reach the main villages and towns in Chianti. Choosing between one or the other train station depends on your itinerary.
Moving Around by RENTAL Bikes and Scooters
You can also get to Chianti by bus or train and then move around by bike or by scooter. Maybe you won't need it for all your vacation but only for day trips so rental bikes and scooters are a great solution! In Greve in Chianti there is a big cycle shop, Officina Ramuzzi, that offers daily and weekly rental bikes.....