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Travel Information about USA and Los Angeles(City)

(GMT)07 APR 2017 CHE2BR:  Outdoor movie caledar, LA from May to this summer
May 2: Rooftop Cinema Club presents Ghostbusters at the Montalbán
May 3: Rooftop Cinema Club presents Drive at the Montalbán
May 4: Rooftop Cinema Club presents Florence Foster Jenkins at the Montalbán
May 5: Rooftop Cinema Club presents Selena at the Montalbán
May 6: Eat|See|Hear presents Mean Girls at Centennial Square at Pasadena City Hall
May 6: Rooftop Cinema Club presents Star Wars: Rogue One at the Montalbán
May 6: Street Food Cinema presents Singin' in the Rain at Syd Kronenthal Park
May 6: Street Food Cinema presents Aladdin at Griffith Park
May 9: Rooftop Cinema Club presents The Grand Budapest Hotel at the Montalbán
May 10: Rooftop Cinema Club presents Memento at the Montalbán
May 11: Rooftop Cinema Club presents 10 Cloverfield Lane at the Montalbán
May 12: Rooftop Cinema Club presents Hidden Figures at the Montalbán
May 13: Eat|See|Hear presents Casablanca at North Hollywood Recreation Center
May 13: Rooftop Cinema Club presents 20th Century Women at the Montalbán
May 13: Cinespia presents Chinatown at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
May 13: Street Food Cinema presents The Breakfast Club at Poinsettia

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