Travel Information about USA and Chicago(City)

(GMT)03 APR 2017 WALSLO1:  According to a DNAinfo article by Kyla Gardner, the fifteen-minute film was made by Cine-Mark productions for the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau.
"The film was made in the late 1970s to encourage tourism to the city and therefore offers a light and fluffy glimpse of Chicago,” Anne Wells, collections manager for Chicago Film Archives, wrote in an email [to Gardner]. “It focuses on tourist hot spots, rather than diving into specific neighborhoods, populations or any critical discussion for that matter.”
It features cheesy music, iconic shots of the (drastically smaller) skyline, plugs of some of the city's most famous attractions that are great for "old and young alike" and a pretty misogynistic reference to the sunbathing women at the beaches as "other popular attractions."

1977’s Chicago Is . . . | from the archives