Travel Information about USA and NEW York(City)

(GMT)14 FEB 2017 BRE8E:  With its beautiful tree-lined streets and classic stooped townhomes the West Village has long attracted celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Julianne Moore. The West Village is the epitome of straight-out-of-fiction, charming New York. It's the New York of gorgeous brownstones and equally gorgeous people going out to brunch, the New York of Friends and Sex in the City and that's why many visitor and travelers go there. It's where you will find historical buildings as early as late 1700s and many mid 1800s still around. Many of them are of Georgian architecture. Although mostly residential, the quiet streets are filled with many cozy bakeries, boutiques, and restaurants that provide the perfect escape from the busier areas of Manhattan. The streets are much quieter than other districts.
Quality shops, bars, and restaurants line the blocks and you’re bound to spot a celebrity going about their everyday business unbothered by the residents who are used to seeing them around. This is one of the wealthiest and most established area in NYC and a key place to visit when visiting NYC