Travel Information about UK and London

(GMT)11 FEB 2017 TRAVELINTERADMIN:  Follow the link, the blogger featured 10 of the best places in London that makes travellers get the great panoramic views.
'#6. Monument, 62 metres high' is a sort of unknown or unexpected place, just in the heart of London though.
Listen to her short photo lesson here 'I recommend getting to your photography location at either sunrise or just before sunset. At sunrise you’ll see all the gorgeous colours in the sky and it will be very quiet so you won’t have lots of people blocking your view.'"
While you are in London you might choose to take in the newly accessible views from The Shard or the London Eye. Up in the London Eye, supposedly the best place to see panoramic views of London. But the infamous long queue may get in the way then why don't you backpackers try the top of St. Paul's it is just as good as the London Eye.....If you are looking for the very best natural view of the city, go to Greenwich.
Maritime Greenwich is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its grand views and architecture are the result of centuries of construction and changing uses. Climb to the top of the hill in Greenwich Park and outside the Royal Observatory you will find a fantastic viewpoint in front of the statue of General Wolfe.