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(GMT)11 FEB 2017 LCDSO:  Duomo di Siena - "This 13th century cathedral is architecturally and artistically magnificent. The interior contains artwork by famous artists such as Michelangelo, Bernini and Donatello. Perhaps the most beautiful room in the cathedral is the Piccolomini Library which contains some magnificent frescoes and some very old choir books. Begun in 1196, it has some elements of Romanesque architecture, but it is one of the foremost examples of Italian Gothic style. What's fascinating is the fact that Siena wanted to build a duomo greater than their rivals in Florence. And if it had not been for the plague, they might have pulled it off. Costs €7 to get in but it is spectacular. What strikes visitors immediately in the cathedral are the black and white marble stripes that cover the walls and the massive columns that support the arches of the nave. The marble mosaic floor is divided into 50 odd panels of various sizes containing scenes and representations from the bible, the floor, everything full of art
Underneath the cathedral is the crypt, which was never actually used as a crypt and was long abandoned. The unpreserved walls and frescoes gives the crypt a very old and eerie feel."