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(GMT)08 FEB 2017 ST_DT780:  Situated in the northeast part of Germany in the Rostock district, there lies the seaside resort city of Warnemünde. Warnemunde was once just a small fishing village founded in 1200 and now visitors are more likely to spend their time sunbathing, swimming and sailing. The expanse of sandy beach is located at the junction of the River Warnow flowing into the Baltic. Step back from the beach and climb the iconic lighthouse from 1898 for an unbeatable view.
While many Germans flee their country for Italy, Greece and Spain in summer, there is no need to leave Germany's borders for a beach vacation. While it may not be swimsuit weather year-round, every inch of the country's sandy corners are filled in the warmer months. Travelers will be surprised at the quality of this beach in Germany. From May to September the waters are (usually) warm enough to swim in as temperature are typically between 25C to 35C.
It attracts numerous of tourists all year round for its beaches, maritime attractions, harbor cruises, restaurants, cozy pubs and attractive shops along the canal called der Alte Strom.
The photo is by Norbert Kaiser, old fishermen houses in the oldtown