Travel Information about USA and NEW York(City)

(GMT)06 FEB 2017 SNAGH81:  A short history of Red Hook area, Brooklyn, NY, Red Hook Area is Brooklyn's Isolated Neighborhood, a relatively small peninsula at the western tip of Brooklyn. The IKEA Brooklyn store is located in Red Hook! This area is one of the ‘up-and-coming’ neighborhoods in the city, expected to grow in a way similar to trendy Williamsburg, which has become the area with the highest hipster population in New York. Red Hook is not quite there, but well on its way with independent stores, restaurants and art galleries arriving over the last few years and rejuvenating the formerly decaying waterfront community.
Follow the link below and you can find the chronicle maps for the Red Hook area, as they reveal all of the businesses that flourished along the river front, warehouses, factories, coal yards, grain sheds, sugar refineries, chemical plants and tobacco companies,.....
By looking at almost 250 years of Brooklyn maps, we can watch the entire shape of Red Hook change. The first stop on our time machine will be 1770.