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(GMT)05 FEB 2017 NIFR:  Helblinghaus building in Innsbruck
The Austrian city of Innsbruck is known for its flamboyant and vibrant architecture. The Helblinghaus building, with an elegant Regency style facade situated on the Herzog Friedrich Strasse at no. 10 was originally a Gothic medieval house. This mansion is located in the old city center a few steps away from it's more famous neighbor, the Goldesnes Dachl or Golden Roof ,which is the main attraction on the pedestrian area. This 15th century Gothic mansion is an outstanding example of bourgeois grandeur in the Old Town, in later years richly decorated with stuccos. The house is named for Sebastian Helbling, who operated a small Café in there in 1833. The historic structure was completely refurbished in the years 1979 and 1980. In 1725 it was decorated with opulent rococo stucco and it is a gorgeous building of Innsbruck.
Photo By Ikiwaner (Own work (eigenes Bild))