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(GMT)05 FEB 2017 TRAVELINTERADMIN:  Here is a piece of public art in Singapore.
'First Generation’ Bronze Statue on the Singapore River.
Here is also an article about the sculptor, Chong Fahcheong
Follow the link for the interview with this 30 year career, self-taught artist! there are his paintings as well.
-The public sculptures strewn around our cities are often inflected with nationalistic pride: they are either the literal concretization of the reigning ideology or petrified relics of failed dispensations. The work of Singaporean artist Chong Fahcheong, on the other hand, often has a softer, subtler touch, depicting scenes of intimacy or frivolity. In ‘First Generation’, for instance, Fahcheong portrays a group of boys playing on a river. The piece both demonstrates the remarkable skill this self-taught artist has managed to acquire over his 30 year career–to be able to so seamlessly connect each figure–and his light-hearted sense of humour.
The photo is from Trisha's photo diary, a travel blogger. As you can see below her photo diary looks quite like film and includes many parts of Singapore.