Travel Information about UK and London

(GMT)04 FEB 2017 PLTC:  Backpackers who Loves English literature will have plenty to see in London.
From the Globe Theater(Shakespeare's Globe) where Shakespeare’s plays were first performed to Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey where many of the UK’s literary giants have been laid to rest, there’s no short of historic literary sites to visit.
The Globe Theater stood three stories tall and was an open-air theater, meaning that the stage was located in the middle of the theater with no roof over it. The theater was built with wood taken from an older theater simply known as The Theatre, which was constructed in 1576. The Globe was approximately 100 feet around in diameter, and could hold close to 3,000 people seated. There were stadium seats located inside as well as standing room.
Trivia Fact 1 - The Globe was built in a similar style to the Coliseum, but on a smaller scale - other Elizabethan Theatres followed this style of architecture which were called amphitheatres.
Trivia Fact 2 - The Globe Theatre was built in with the materials and timber 'stolen' from the first 'Theatre' in 1599 when William Shakespeare and the Chamberlain's men were forced to leave because the Puritan owner, Giles Allen, refused to re-new the lease. It only took six months to build!
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