Travel Information about USA and Las Vegas(City)

(GMT)04 FEB 2017 CHA3ER:  There are two weather phenomenon that can be potentially dangerous in Las Vegas (three if you consider the rare but potentially crippling snowstorms).
One is wind. Wind can happen any time of year, and gusts into the 90s have been recorded in the flat, open valley that Las Vegas is situated in. Wind is rarely life threatening, but its strong enough that you should take it into consideration when enjoying the outdoors here.
The other, more serious problem, is flooding! Rain amounts that wouldn't raise an eyebrow in many locations can cause flash flooding in Las Vegas. Besides having hard ground that isn't very absorbent, Las Vegas is in a bowl-like valley, surrounded by mountains. Water runs from on high and accumulates in low lying areas. When travelling pay attention to flash flood watches and warnings, and unless its an emergency stay off of the roads during a flooding situation.