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(GMT)02 FEB 2017 T2ATU:  Hamburg cruise port is located in the northern part of Germany. Hamburg is also an Elbe River cruise port and a major city (population around 1,775 million, metro - around 5,05 million). The cruise port is the Europe's 2nd largest (after Southampton) and the world's 9th largest.
The HVV, or Hamburg Transport Authority, offers travelers with multiple ways of getting around: a U-Bahn Metro or subway, the similar but separate S-Bahn, and a wide-ranging bus network.
Hamburg is a major turnaround cruise port in Northern Europe and one of the continent's largest ports of call along itineraries across the Atlantic Ocean and in the Baltic Sea (Norwegian Fjords, Scandinavia and Russia). The port has 3 cruise ship terminals - named HafenCity, Altona and Steinwerder. They all are capable of handling the world's largest cruise liners. Over the past few years, Hamburg has evolved as one of Europeans cruise capital – with 520,000 passengers and 153 calls in 2015, as well as numerous cruise-themed events all year round. With its Hamburg Cruise Days and other maritime events, Hamburg is the number one cruise destination in Germany.