Travel Information about USA and NEW York(City)

(GMT)02 FEB 2017 WALSLO1:  Located on lower Broadway and the world’s tallest building upon its completion, Woolworth Building(233 Broadway) was built in 1913 by Frank Winfield Woolworth (owner of a nickel-and-dime empire) and is one of New York City’s most celebrated and recognizable skyscrapers, not to mention the one of popular tourist attractions
The building’s interior and lobby are beautifully decorated with terracotta, marble and stained glass ceiling. Woolworth Building is one of the most spectacular and remarkable buildings in New York.
In film, the building has been referenced several times.
In the Disney film Enchanted (2007), the building is the site of the film's grand climax.
In the opening scenes of Cloverfield (2008), the building is depicted collapsing after Clover critically damages it.[24]
In Baz Luhrmann's film adaptation of The Great Gatsby (2013), Nick Carraway works in the building as a stock broker for Chase. In an opening scene, a spectacular tilt down from the top of the building is shown.